I was born and brought up in Shetland Isles. I lived there until 2006 when my husband, our new-born daughter and I moved to far north Australia. Our subsequent travels took us all over the tropics of Australia and even up to Papua New Guinea. In 2019 we came back to the UK and settled in Suffolk, England.

I was taught how to knit at a very young age; my mother told me I was about 3 years old.  I have continued to knit ever since.  As many Shetlanders are, I was surrounded by knitters whilst growing up. My Grandmother and Great Aunt knitted Fair Isle garments to sell, and my mother knitted lace items for selling. Like so many, they knitted to provide extra money and also to clothe themselves and their families. My Great Grandmother, who lived next door, was a great inspiration to me as she continued to knit into her 90s even after she lost her sight.

In 2020 I started to offer Shetland lace knitting classes locally in Suffolk.

I was invited to be the lace knitting tutor for Virtual Shetland Wool Week  in 2021. I found this to be an amazing experience connecting with people from all over the world sharing my passion for Shetland lace.

As well as teaching Shetland lace knitting and its techniques, I enjoy knitting and creating new designs and patterns, which reflect my Shetland heritage, its rich culture and places.