Shirva Shawl


The Shirva Shawl was inspired by the yarn.

The yarn is Vintage 22 by Wool Decanted, it contains wool from the island of Fetlar in Shetland.

This is such an important place for me. It is where one of my grandmothers grew up. The shawl itself is named after a croft on the island that used to belong to her family. The house, now a ruin, sits on the hill looking out towards the sea.

The pattern within the design is the traditional Shetland lace new shell, which gives it the beautiful zigzag appearance.

Shirva is a crescent shawl knitted in one piece from the neck down on a garter base.

This shawl used 3 different colours of yarn. It can be made in one colour or with a variation of colours. By varying the number of rows of each colour will change the size of each zigzag. It is a highly versatile pattern, which can also be increased in size as desired.

Final size: wingspan 114cm & width 44cm