I joined the Knitting Needle Lane Yarn club and was sent this beautiful yarn. Its colour made me think of little purple flowers in Shetland when I was growing up.

My mother and I was asked recently to look at an old Shetland garment and help decipher the pattern. The inspiration for the pattern for this shawl came from there.

The pattern reminded me of clusters of little flowers so I named this shawl Crubb a shortened version of planticrubb. A planticrubb in Shetland is where plants were grown till they were large enough to plant out.

Crubb is an asymmetrical shawl knitted from one corner to the opposite side.

It is a reversible lace shawl knitted on a garter stitch base.

Its finished size is:
Height 132cm/52in
Width 93cm/36in
Diagonal length 160cm/63in

The shawl could be made larger by increasing the number of repeats till the desired size was met.