Mini Firth Fine Lace Shawl


The Firth Fine Lace Shawl is a reproduction of a shawl contained in the Shetland Museum and Archive lace collection and this is a miniature version of that shawl.

The original shawl was made in Shetland about 1911 and was donated to the Shetland Museum and Archives in 2012 by a family member of the owner. There is no information about who made the shawl. The owner of this shawl came to Firth in Shetland to see her

Finished size – 40cm/16in square

The shawl is joined with the Betsy Join but other methods can be used. The pattern does not include the instructions for the Betsy Join.

Mini shawls are a great way to practice the skills and techniques as well as the patterns before embarking on a full sized shawl.