My Shetland Home


I wanted to design a lace scarf which introduced people to Shetland lace and the inspiration came from where I grew up in Shetland – next to the beach with the red granite hills surrounding us.

It begins with crest of the wave pattern, crashing on to the pebbly beach of muckle holes, leading to the back of the beach which in summer is covered in peerie flowers. The hills are created by the horse shoe pattern to finally the peerie diamonds of the red granite rocks.

In Shetland dialect peerie means small and muckle means big.

The motifs start with only knit 2 togethers and each motif introduces more stitches and techniques as you progress.

It is a great introduction to Shetland Lace for beginners.

My version is constructed with different colours for each motif, using approximately 80m/20g of miniPightle from Meadowyarn for each of the motifs apart from the centre.

It is constructed in 2 parts and then grafted together with a garter Kitchener stitch.

The middle section can be made to any length you desire.
My scarf finished size was 30cm/12in x 170cm/66in.