Up Helly Aa Hap


For over 45 years Betsy has thought about a hap with viking galleys/longships but it never came to fruition.
This is the design which Elizabeth and her mother came up with.
The hap features the galleys sitting upon the waves with the torches from the Up Helly Aa procession above. The centre represents the flames of the burning galley on its way to Valhalla.
Up Helly Aa is a Viking fire festival; they take place in Shetland beginning in January, to celebrate the end of winter and the coming of spring.

Jamieson & Smith 2ply lace weight, 50% Real Shetland Wool/50% Lambs wool
This hap used 13 balls (25g = 169m) – 325g = 2197m
Colours used: L1 Optic White & L38

Finished size – 125cm x 125cm/49in x 49in square

The hap is joined with the Betsy Join but other methods can be used. The pattern does not include the instructions for the Betsy Join.